Monday, April 09, 2007


hyathinth and snowflakes
hazel and pulmonaria
daffodils growing throughthe hazel
snakeshead fritilary, just about to open.


Bonita said...

I like the snakeshead fritilary, such a delicate mauve. It almost looks like snake-skin. BTW, the hazelwood configurations are very distinctive. I've not seen that before.

clairesgarden said...

Bonita, it is Corrylus Avelana Contorta, twisted hazel. it looks dredful all summer as its leaves are twisted too, but in the winter its twisted stems provide something to look at and its spring catkins a re lovely.

Bonita said...

Thanks Claire....I'll research twisted hazel on the internet; your description of the leaves intrigues me. I've seen twisted branches in floral sprays and in planter boxes. They really enhance an arrangement.