Thursday, March 06, 2008

home cats

Tansy and Daisy, practicing the matching bookends effect
sunshine for a brief moment


Kerri said...

They do make unique and lovely bookends :)
The Hellebore is gorgeous, especially with the daffs. I think mine has turned to mush so I'll just have to admire them on other blogs and pine away.
Glad you had some sunshine. So did we, but back to cold and snow (or something equally nasty) tomorrow.

clairesgarden said...

Kerri, I am planning to bring some hellbore flowers indoors and float them on water. otherwise I never get to see them, the rain came on about 10 minutes after I took these photos.

gfid said...

smiling kitties, nodding flowers, and sunshine.... lovely... spring has a very long way to travel before she gets from you to me.... sigh. i hope she's not all out of flowers when she gets here.

Lynn said...

Beautiful cats! We won't see blooms for quite a while yet. But it's nice to see what everyone else has growing.

I'm enjoying the seedlings right now though

bonnie said...

Tag, you're it!


Katarina said...

Pretty cats and beautiful hellebore!

clairesgarden said...

Grannyfiddler, mother earth will never run out of flowers, after she gets rid of the humand she's goin to have a ball!!
Primrozie, seedlings always give hope!!
Bonnie, I'm working on that one.
Katarina, thankyou!

Anonymous said...

Tansy & Daisy are so beautiful, as are the barn cats. I so miss my Shadow. Just passed the one week anniversary of his passing. I will get another cat one day, I'm sure, but not for awhile. I had Shadow in my life for 17 years, actually since before he was born, so can't just 'replace' him with another cat.

clairesgarden said...

Alice, you can't 'replace' him, they're all themselves and you'ld love the antics of a wee kitty or older cat. .. .tempted??