Sunday, October 14, 2007

work goes on

I have been tidying and digging over. I am adding 'rock dust', which I was delighted to find being stocked by my local Garden Centre. It is produced by the Seer Centre, and I often wish I could get oranigsed enough to visit them. There is a good article on them by SEPA. I also added some to the top of my compost bins.

Research has shown the following benefits of adding Rockdust™ to soil:
Provides slow, natural release of elements and trace minerals
Increases the nutrient intake of plants
Boosts and regenerates soil
Increases mineral rich organic crop yields
Increases the growth of micro organisms and earthworm activity
Increases the storage capacity of the soil
Enhances flavour in crops
Decreases dependence on fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

everything starts to look tidy and tucked up for winter. I have also been sorting out pots, you can see them stored against the fence, unfortunatley I have lost lables or labels have faded or I asume I will remember whats in the pink pot or the green one... thats why most of them now have lables like this. . . .


Granny said...

Your labels look like my freezer.

I forget to label and end up saying "mystery meat?"? "Supper surprize?"

peppylady (Dora) said...

I went to the link of season color and got an print off a copy and plan to mail it to my friend Quenella.

I've been trying to organize my life and I'm thinking I'm making head way and then I find more stuff to clutter it up with.

Anonymous said...

Hi Claire,

I tend to like surprises, so love your question mark markers!

Except in the freezer -- best go fetch that item hubby just stuck in and label it while it still is known and not lost to mankind.


Madcap said...

Oh, can I ever relate to those question marks!

clairesgarden said...

Granny, you know I have stuff in my freezer like that too.
Peppylady, I am always trying ot be organised, I just don't ever quite get there.
Wildside, theres hopefully some nice flower surprises in these pots for spring.
Madcap, its nice to know I am not alone in my lack of labels!

Michael said...

Another good source for that rock dust seems to be from under my kayak seat! Every time I look, there another heap of it waiting for me... Sounds like good stuff. I'm going to try it!

clairesgarden said...

Michael, see how useful kayaking is! it even helps with the garden!

Gary said...

You're interesting!

Rock dust is a new concept to me.

clairesgarden said...

Gary, how nice of you to say so, most folks just say how nice and then their eyes start to glaze over. . .

Unknown said...

Jiust think of the lucky dip suprises next year.

Only worry is when something comes up that you don't remember having last year? Thats when you know you have been out in the sun too long lol