Tuesday, August 28, 2007


leeks, cabbages, brussels sprouts. I think I 've posted a picture of this bed before but I find it so pleasing to look at its getting another outing.
broad beans, these have now all been harvested and eaten, the row cleared away. its that time of year when things start to stop.
Tansy supervising from under the runner beans.


Naturegirl said...

I love the photo of Tansy!!Finding shade in the perfect spot! hugs NG

Katie said...

The first picture looks so tidy! Does your cat keep the bugs down?

Anonymous said...

Oh, that Tansy! ;-)


Anonymous said...

i love to see cats peeping through the undergrowth. Good on you Tansy!
Sara from farmingfriends

clairesgarden said...

Naturegirl, she likes to find a nice comfy spot to view from.
Katie, not sure it looks that tidy in real life!
Wildside, she's a cutie.
Sara, I often have 'helpers', ususally they have moved on by the time I get my camera.

grannyfiddler said...

having my afternoon cuppa in your garden. scritch, scritch, behind Tansy's ears.

Unknown said...

That square bed sure is eye-catching... glad you posted it. There aren't enough pictures showing the beauty of veggie gardens, IMHO. :)

tlchang said...

I agree. Ornamental veggie gardens are an amazing creation.

Both my cat and dog like to 'supervise' any time I spend out there. Wish they would be useful and eat the slugs or something!

HORIZON said...

Hiya Claire.
I love the veg. plot pics. What kind of soil mix do you use? l have been thinking about expanding up the back garden and growing more veg next year but am not sure on how you enrich the soil. Could you give me some idea of what to do?
ps- have really only used growbags for the veg up until now.

clairesgarden said...

Grannyfiddler, Tansy thanks you.
Blackswamp-girl, I like the tidy wooden edges, it took me a couple of years to collect enough wood as I wanted it all free/recycled.
TLC, I did once find Daisy eating flea beatles from the turnip leaves. very helpful!
Horizon, horse manure! it realy depends on your soil, but you want to start now to be ready for next spring.

Kerri said...

Cats love to be in "the jungle", don't they? :) Tansy is a pretty girl.
That veggie garden does look really great with the marigolds popped in the corner. We keep meaning to do that. Ross planted quite a few sunflowers in the row in one part of the garden and they took over. Whoops! We usually plant them on one end...a better idea it seems :) The birds are really having a feast now.
It occurred to me after I'd written that comment about sifting compost that ours probably sits a lot longer than yours and doesn't have many lumps. Ross started very large piles of manure and old hay up in back of the barn several years ago. It's black gold now!

Lynn said...

Gorgeous! Is it any wonder why we garden?