Wednesday, August 01, 2007

just to prove to Rosemary

I am not that fabulous, and usually only post picures of me that make it look good.

here is Teddy pulling my arms out as I loose my seat
Robbie also pulling my arms out, same reason
this is me just got on the horse and being somewhat tense, very
this is me letting the horse fall into the circle and I have to get my reins picked back up

and the classic english riding seat know as 'tits out, arse out, lock elbows'

poor horses


Anonymous said...

Fabulous photos!


Michael said...

Gee, and what expression would they use for the English paddling position? ;-) I love your linquistic freedom!

BTW, Newfoundland wasn't chilly. Only as one gets up close to the icebergs do you notice it's gotten colder, and then not by much. Temps were in the mid 20°C range most of the time.

clairesgarden said...

they're not fabulous, they are embarrasing. my many riding instructors must now be quivering in outrage.
liguistic freedom...hmmm.. thought I was being polite too!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Claire -- thought I'd drop back by this AM and see your comment about being embarrassed... I think I meant more it is good to see you on a horse, out in the fresh air, surrounded by beautiful, green countryside...

Don't have any riding instruction, so apologise, don't know the diff'! Just being able to get up on a horse, you look fabulous to me! Enjoy yourself -- let your riding instructors quiver away! (Wildside)

Granny said...

Never heard it put quite that way before.

My friends across the pond certainly have a way with words.

Anonymous said...

I also like seeing you on horses, Claire. I know nothing about English riding, all I've done is Western and not had any lessons with that either. I just love horses and riding.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wildside!!! Drop on by and visit one day.

Lynn said...

I think you look great! The last time I was on a horse (many years ago) he kept scraping me against trees. I had enough of that!

Kerri said...

You're looking good Claire!
Ross and I had a chuckle at your description of the classic English riding seat :)