Wednesday, March 22, 2006

whatever the weather

Dwarf daffodils, a welcome brightness.
Hellebore, being fascinating.

White crocus which were hiding in the cold frame, I have put them on the doorstep now so they can be seen.

This morning in the garden I finished off the 4ftx4ft plot, it is now edged and covered. I planted out a hellebore, cyclamen, snowdrops, ranunculus, foxgloves and a cotoneaster which were all 'lurking' in various pots and buckets waiting for a place to go. There is to be a path to be made of stones around the front(I can see it in my minds eye. . .) it was edged last year in red brick and I have now started at one end with stones and its going to take a lot of stones. I had four bags 'lurking' and they have just done the first corner.

The row of bricks in the middle leading to the tree is the origional line of border, I will take it out when I have enough stones to go all the way round and the tree will be sitting in its circle. I cant find a photograph to explain why its laid out like that, but it looked marvellous in my minds eye at the time. After finishing tidying up to go in for lunch it started to snow which quickly turned into sleet showers, so I retired from gardening for the day.


Lowa said...

Where do you find your energy!??!?!

Gorgeous. Love all the photos and check often to see if you have posted new ones.

Thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to seeing things progress and the seasons change:)

There is a lot that could be done in my yard, I just don't have the motivation. Or know how! I just want all the garbage that the wind has blown here to be picked up and the toys sorted through!

Wildside Musing said...

Your path looks like it's going to be very pretty... And I'm imagining all those flowers in your yard for years to come. Thanks for sharing more of your photos (and letting me know!)...

My yard still seems like a mess, but King Alfred Daffodills are bright spots here now and my weeping plum tree is beginning to bloom, with other trees looking like they are thinking about it. And my pole peas are beginning to pop up despite having been planted before the big freeze. Just the hint of better things to come!

clairesgarden said...

Lowa, if I had enough energy I would do the garden then go kayaking. . . .oh I miss the kayaking, bring on the better weather!
Wildside, I love daffodils, these ones pictured do come out early but the rest are just waiting, looking like they're going to flower but not quite there yet! Are you planning on any kayaking or do you wait for better weather like I do?

Wildside Musing said...

In other years I've been a bit hardier and just did it year round. But this Winter and Spring I've got plenty of excuses for everything: First our launch was closed to repair the railroad bridge over it for months and months and now all at once I have a bum shoulder, ear and hand infections, sore keester, rain, too busy, too tired... Truth be told, reasons valid or not, I'm just not getting out! So now I say I'm waiting for better weather!!! ;-)

(In the children's book on Scotland I'm looking at they show kayaking as a favored Scottish passtime -- so of course I thought of you!)

Sigruns German Garden said...

Good idear, Claire. It looks nice!


grannyfiddler said...

i like the line of brick leading to the circle of the tree... gives a gentle, flowing, sort of abstract effect.