Sunday, March 19, 2006

hospital corners

I have dug over the three beds in my garden, covered them and tucked the edges in, there is a lovely photo of this but it will not upload. Two beds still to dig over here and then to check the other plot during the week sometime. It has been a nice weekend, bar the biting breeze, and its been nice to get outside but its definatley not 'sitting in the garden' temperature!


Wildside Musing said...

Hi Claire, you've been hard at it! Good job!

I wonder how we compare? Our temperatures have been in the low 40s (F); and I keep anticipating warmer temps upcoming -- as next week begins Spring season officially! YAY!!!

(FYI: I couldn't get images to upload this AM either...)

Wildside Musing said...

Er, sorry, scratch that above!!! It's a sunny 51 degrees F outside right now (1:30 PM)!!! Another, big "YAY!" from this locale!!!

Urban Agrarian said...

Good for you. I thought about digging in the garden today, but the wind was just too cold. It should be warmer here (Boston MA, USA) than it's been recently. Oh well, maybe soon.

Pam in Tucson said...

You might try again with the photo, Claire. I had upload problems for two days on Blogger, but was finally able to upload at medium size this afternoon. I enjoy your blog!

Lowa said...

I have given up on uploading pics. Was having horrid trouble last week. YOu guys saying I should try again??

Ok, I will. Yes, please try again Claire. Would love to see your hard work! Will you come here and do my yard?? LOL

Madcap said...

We garden in raised beds too, so I'm wondering why everything needs to be dug up? Or is this somewhere else in your yard?

clairesgarden said...

Wildside, it is not much warmer here, but I am not planting outside, just getting beds ready and covering helps to warm them up.
Urban, I spend more time thinking about digging than I actually do digging. .
Pam, thankyou for reading the blog, I have managed to get one photo on
Lowa, I have managed to get a photo on but I had a nice one of a primula and it won't upload. . I'll try again tomorrow
Madcap, the two 4x8 were bastard trenched so really i was just turning over the layer of manure on the top, the middle bed was half trenched so I have finished it. there is one 4x4 bed to trench and one 4x8 half done and these two still need edged. I am digging them properly because that is how I learned and the soil is so rubbish I take out all the rubble and stones and replace it with manure and topsoil, as they all become 'finished' they will only have the top spit turned over because I like doing it, and will keep doing it until I become too much of a crock to do so.