Monday, December 21, 2015

holiday season

this photo from about two years ago , I think... bless her. I can't find the little string of lights, so many people commented was it photoshopped... nope.
life without a camera is quite frustrating. funds are constantly being used for other things so a camera will have to wait. and I don't see the point in buying a cheap one 'for now' because I know it will irritate me... there is ''somewhere'' in amongst my packed and stored ''stuff''.. a Fuji.. I can't find it, but it would make a decent for now camera till things improve.
I'll keep looking.


WILDSIDE said...

Great shot! And a Merry Christmas to you & Abbey too, Claire. I hope you can find your camera someday soon.

Hubby uses lights like those on his bicycle commute. This time of year happening entirely in the dark! They are for safety so as to be better seen by drivers, but also cheery! To be honest, I wish I had some myself.

susan said...

I always wished someone would come up with a way of lighting umbrellas with tiny lights. It would make going out on rainy nights at least a little less dismal.

I hope you and Abby have a nice Christmas and I hope you find your camera.

clairesgarden said...

those lights are on a little battery pack, you could attach them to umbrella's , I thought about putting them round my riding hat.. lol

WILDSIDE said...

Hmm... I do like both of those "bright" ideas!