Thursday, May 22, 2014

Coastline Change

Coastline Change :


I vaguely think I might have posted this before.. but still finding it fascinating. ..


WILDSIDE said...

Ooh, Claire! Is that east coast U.S.? I know people in Chatham! (Family via hubby's dad's wife, actually... But old-timers there.). This is the sort of stuff I studied at university -- tho' on the opposite coast and different ocean...

OK, I stayed up all night to clean bathroom and mold off our drying racks ("clothes horses" to you!) and after a day out with mom away from home with hubby just home after a week of work on the road -- wired & perhaps a bit too excitable?!?

But this is way cool! Thanks.

WILDSIDE said...

I'll have to come back later & read & look at this more!

clairesgarden said...

if your so busy you cant' relax you mean? I get a bit like that here.. but I'm tired out too. I catch up with a long lie in on my day off.

WILDSIDE said...

Oh, perhaps you hit the nail on the head there! LOL

Hope you get to get that long lie in soon.

Have a good day, Claire!

susan said...

It is a fascinating study and the pictures are magnificent.