Saturday, May 24, 2014

nice time out today

a nice ride of just over three miles.. up to the entrance to the moors and back is two miles so the ''loop'' must be a looks like an upside down coat hanger... lol...

unfortunate incident with a car that came towards me and went past too fast.. then it turned around and passed me again from behind too fast again... and yet again it turned round though thankfully another car came up behind me so the fast one slowed down. then I was on the moor and didn't see it again when I came out... I have reported them to the police.


WILDSIDE said...

Ugh! Sorry about the creepy car. (People can be so thoughtless and mean.)

Glad you & Abbey weren't hurt.

What are the moors like?

clairesgarden said...

no Abbey wasn't botherd with the stupid car... . the moors are quite boggy , its not a big area though a lot of dog walkers use it and have made a path you can follow.. but its been really dry recently and still there were boggy patches.. off the path is even worse... upland peat bog I think.