Thursday, December 16, 2010


photo taken last Monday, Scotland ground to a halt and I had to walk five miles home. the weather report for today has not been good, cold and wet rain this morning and snow is meant to come in after it and then freeze......just for the moment the sun is out and its very pretty.
I am very fed up with it now, and continue to have no car as it now needs fixing as the power steering has failed.
many blessings to everybody who keep giving me lifts up to the stables and back.
the greenhouse was frozen shut for over a week, I opened it this morning and the minimum shows -12C and the maximum 11c. brrrrr fed up!!!!


WILDSIDE said...

:-( I feel for you, Claire! I love snow, but will not drive in it if at all possible -- I am such a weather wimp! Sorry about your car too.

Here we are warm & wet & uck -- doesn't look to be a white Xmas after all unless the weather changes soon...

jc said...

I'm fed up with it too - I hope it isn't going to be another long winter. Thank you for the link you posted on Major's blog.

gfid said...

a five mile walk home! through the snowstorm! i hope you've seen the last of that sort of weather for a while. and the 'new' car broken down!!! enough to make a lady cuss! we're having a lot of snow here too, but that's not extraordinary for us. according to an environmentalist friend, we in the northern hemisphere can expect a lot of precipitation for some time yet, thanks to the volcanic eruption in Iceland last summer depositing large quantities of ash in the upper atmosphere. my cure for cold weather blues is a long hot bath with a good book and a mug of steaming hot chocolate (a little brandy in the mug helps too) sending warm thoughts your way.

clairesgarden said...

Wildside, wishing for a non-snowy christmas not keen on the driving in snow would be okay in a four wheel drive but not a small car. just wish I had any car really.
JC, the weather makes everything difficult...I found that GSE to be very good..currntly using it on the hacks on my fingers from working in the cold!!
GF, am quite partial to dark rum in a hot chocolate..we used to have that out kayak-camping round the fire. warm thoughts right back at you..cheers!