Sunday, December 05, 2010

Abbey in the snow

trying out the video!!


WILDSIDE said...

Beautiful! I actually turned on the noise while at the library so I could hear the hoofs and snorts!

Good job, Claire!

Parelli Central said...

She really does love it doesn't she?! Ours were bounding through the deep snow like dolphins - beautiful to watch (but also hoping they weren't going to slip and pull anything!). The snow's all gone now down here in Sussex - more soon though we're told. Hope you're surviving up there.

~ Beth, Parelli Central

clairesgarden said...

Wildside, wonder what the library folks thought!! thats funny! it does need the snorts to make it real!
Beth, she is very sure footed being barefoot. we've been out riding too.

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Looks like the horses are having a great time, Claire! I hope you are too. I have been hearing that Scotland has a lot more snow than is normal this year... is that true?

bonnie said...

Ahhh, barefoot & fuzzy, life is good!