Sunday, September 16, 2007

cats vs. dog

on the very top of the wardrobe, the cats have taken refuge from
Cara, who is too bouncy and wants to play.
when they are fed up they will come down an terrorise the dog who will run away, till she gets fed up and chases them, then its back on the wardrobe for a while. . . endless fun. . .


Anonymous said...

Oh! Now I see what is going on at your house! (Wildside)

tlchang said...

My cat and dog do the same thing. It's the worst when they *both* want to play and play tag all through the house (my dog is a 100+ pound black lab).

clairesgarden said...

Wildside, wee dog away home, cats rule the house again!
TLC, when Cara is curled up she is not much bigger than Tansy(who is a big cat). the worst casualty was a glass of red wine I was trying to drink, which ended up on the floor after a cat followed by a dog ran over my lap.

Anonymous said...

YAY, cats!!!


HORIZON said...

l think the cats have the right idea here- they look relaxed and in control. l love dogs though and miss my border collie, callum much.
The weather got a bit nippy over the past few days- sun out at the moment though so can't complain.
l've been busy getting my oldest two settled at uni- miss them. Hope your lass is doing well.

Kerri said...

Endless fun indeed. The kitties certainly have the advantage. I'd like to have seen the fun and games :)
Great photos.
Yes, Tink is a happy mommy. The little calico is the only one that survived.

Lowa said...

This was funny. What excitement at your house.

Good thing you were drinking wine and not hot coffee or something, eh??

grannyfiddler said...

nothing shows disdain quite so clearly as a feline glance at a member at that lower (from Kitty's perspective), canine, form of life.