Saturday, May 08, 2021

this mornings garden.

 Casper prefers to go back inside.


WILDSIDE said...

LOL, Claire! Right now, I am babysitting an older cat while her people are away and distracted by their own life happenings. And perhaps this is to serve as a distraction from certain serious happenings in my own life; Still venturing out to take a stab at the edible gardening now and again... This cat, tho' curiously rotund as can be, she looks and acts a lot like Casper, reason why the LOL... Due to local coyotes & what not, she must remain an indoor kitty despite her chagrin... At present, she is snoring beside me... Now she purrs... That is nice.

Your garden is promising and beautiful as ever... I see good things to come out of it.

clairesgarden said...

Casper wouldn't come in this morning.. too interested in birds and possible mice in the garden next door... so when I come home from work he told me off loudly....
glad you have a visiting cat, they are good company. xx