Saturday, January 02, 2021

garden update


I forget if I've posted this photo ...  must really make a seed list. And I really can't keep garden notes on the lap top, I never update it.

there are some snowdrops showing,  but not in flower yet, and can see some cyclamen green leaves in a couple of places.

 can still  pick some broccoli, some leeks and some spinach, so those are things that need 'more of' for this year. 

in the greenhouse today – using seed trays and old high dome propagators.....

Onions sown.... Walla Walla and Cipolla Rossa Di Tropea

Leeks sown..... Blue Solaise and Large American Flag

the best christmas present, a digital Maximum Minimum thermometer.... todays readings are...  max  9.9c (49.8f), min -3.9c (25f), temperature as I was planting about 2.30pm was  5.2c dropping to 3.9c by the time I was done. Casper kept running between the house and the greenhouse telling me that he's not a gardening cat at the best of times, and it was too cold!!


WILDSIDE said...

Hi Claire, thanks for the update. I miss my gardening buddy -- I think I told you we suddenly lost Kitty this past Summer? But not sure, because that was when huge forest fires were threatening my childhood farm and I was rather taken up by that... And a whole lot of other drama since.

Kitty always wanted me to be outside with him & doing, which did help my attitude about things -- but now I feel like Casper! I just want to be warm, safe and dry! Our ground is goo right now and I've given up the greenhouse for the hens, but you are making me see I ought to get off my duff and plant some hope for the future too! (still getting the strange emails from you -- that i know by now aren't really you!!!)

clairesgarden said...

no i haven't sent any emails recently. how irritating , i wish the internet would behave !! sorry about Kitty, they are such good company. the house is empty without a pet.
there is a post about planting onion seeds in 2010, i think ... and i didnt' have the plastic covers then... the seed trays are all being covered with fleece... so there are different ways of doing things that are just as good. and the post says they are being put out into a cold frame.. well, there is only one cold frame left and its not too good, and is full of ''weeds''... but i leave it for the wildlife...