Friday, February 08, 2019


the garden ( see the blog!! lol) and flat/aprtment  will be going up for sale at the end of March this year.
Lennoxtown. postcode G66 7EH if you want to google the area
two good sized bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom. upstairs flat with own front door.
yet to be valued officially.
sometimes word of mouth can make a sale, you never know.


WILDSIDE said...

Not being as quiet as I should be, Claire, so take everything you read from me with a grain of salt, because yes, agreed, word of mouth can certainly do it.

Not sure as to always, but both my homes sold quickly without advertising other than one flyer tacked to a lamp post for the first one and then Craigslist posting for the second one. They weren't exactly perfect homes but and were "small" but good enough for someone wanting something still affordable where everything else cost far more. And I made sure to get all the money I'd put into them back -- but no more.

The reason why they didn't sell before that point was because I was the one unwilling and unready to let go... And I somewhat wished to make a profit. People walking by had actually stopped by to make me offers to by before that. So I am to blame as to why it took so long. It is definitely a skill to learn to let go and move on into the unknown and to leave things less than perfect. And to be willing to perhaps accept less than what you might be able to get by using real estate agents? (You do have to accept risks and pay costs of selling by owner, but it can be more affordable... But I'm positive there are others might have contradicting horror stories of what could go wrong!)

Anyway, good luck to you in all this. I am interested to see what comes next!

clairesgarden said...

theres so many rules and regulations here its easier to use an agent. it has to be valued first, and that costs me. then advertised. that costs me. then shown to people.. .by the agent it costs me .... then their fees. then bank fees then solicitor legal fees....
just so much hassle.
and the agents are all doom and gloom... we'll see...

WILDSIDE said...

I was here earlier and somehow I fell asleep looking at your reply!

You are probably wiser to go thru the regular channels, but understand the hassle and extra costs and wonder why the agents are so doom and gloom -- they're getting a chance at a sale... We told our buyers we'd work with their agents and forego our own. It worked out -- luckily! Lots of crossing of fingers, dottings of i's and crossing of t's, and nail biting!