Friday, July 11, 2014

lovely morning out riding

very many thanks to Gill who took Abbey and I out in her lorry yesterday and led the way on her brave horse Louis.
we did a six mile ride up to Glen Quey and back, part of the old drovers road that would end up going through Dollar and Falkirk. gorgeous country side. we had a bit to eat and a bit of a paddle... not much though.. lol


WILDSIDE said...

Sounds like a lovely time!

Hmm... I think my peops may have come from Falkirk! Long ago & far away tho'... (Meaning, the place is a mystery to me. They arrived here many years ago. No way of really knowing other than hints from history off the internet that says one of the family names may have originated from there.)

Have a good week ahead!

WILDSIDE said...

You've mentioned Gill before with rescuing the pigeon -- is she someone you work with?

Glad you had a good day out together!

clairesgarden said...

Gill is a livery, which means she pays to keep her horse here. so I look after her horses in the winter. she and her sister also took Abbey and I to the beach but I didnt' get any photos.. I wish I had.. their horses are enormous.. 17.2hh... and Abbey kept up with them at the gallop!! she is only 14.1

WILDSIDE said...

Sounds fabulous! And now I'm jealous of Abbey and you for that too!

LOL! Poor little Abbey!

Thinking perhaps I ought to make a point to leave home more -- but for now will satisfy myself with looking up Dollar and Falkirk!

susan said...

It sounds like you both had a wonderful day's outing. Abbey's looking very happy.

clairesgarden said...

it was lovely, and Abbey was calm as Louis was there, he's a big brave chap.