Thursday, July 01, 2010

it rains it pours

and the rain is a good thing! my garden is really dry and the vegetables have been getting watered with the hose a lot. I have not watered the flowering plants or hedge as they have looked okay. Its lovely to have such a long spell of dry summer weather...very unusual for here.
The horses water has been very low in their streams too.
Here's Abbey looking lovely, her bottom lip hangs out when she is relaxed. I have just woken her up here so her lip is reasonably relaxed but not totally. her lip is a good indicator of her mood, I have photographs where its tight closed.....and she is anxious/scared and there are photographs when her bottom lip is way hanging down which means she is totally chilled out and relaxed.

This is the long grass from where the daffodils were growing in the lawn, these patches are left uncut to allow the daffodil leaves to gather energy for the bulbs to flower next year. The other patches have been cut down now but Smokey has been enjoying jumping in and out of the long grass this bit might just have to be an official wild patch.......
This tree growing package arrived this morning from Ecover, along with some products to sample for review and a reusable shopping bag. The seed information says to soak the seeds and then to put them in the fridge for a month....that must be to immitate a winter coming into spring to get the seeds to grow, what a lovely idea.
These are the products I am going to try. Multisurface Cleaner for house or garden....I have heard its really good for plastic garden furniture...unfortunately I don't have any so it will be put to good use cleaning my front door(pvc-its meant to be white!) and all my pots and trays for the greenhouse. The Power Cleaner sugests its good for bar-b-q's...again I don't have one but it will get good use on my cooker hob and grill.
Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner....well that will obviously come in very useful, as I work as a receptionist and often go to work after seeing Abbey and my hands and nails have that 'ground in dirt' look!!
and Biodegradable Compostable Bin Bags, they are made from potato starch and biopolymers, and say they will start to bio-degrade in a week...interesting.
Updates on these as and when used.


Madcap said...

Is that a common thing, that horses will let their lip droop when relaxed?

clairesgarden said...

Madcap, sleeping horses will relax their lips and they sometimes flop open, but it is more like people have different faces and features, so do horses. Abbey just has a really big bottom lip. I should dig out some more photos.

Helen C said...

Great photos and Smokey is a handsome cat.
Jake has a very droopy lip when he is relaxed, he also dribbles!
Claire, I have some plastic tubs which we no longer need in the garden, they will come in handy for storage, flowers and vegetable growing. I will leave them for you outside your feed bins if OK.

clairesgarden said...

Helen, more buckets always useful thankyou!

Helen C said...

You are welcome! I think it is possible to have too much of a good thing though! Hope they weren't too heavy to carry.

WILDSIDE said...

Oooooh, like Smokey, I love that wild patch!

susan said...

it looks like the beginning of a wonderful summer.