Friday, January 01, 2010

lets have a good year!!

lots of hedgerows and trees have been taken out round the farmlands, nice to see these three old ones still here. the greenhouse temperature gauge shows a low of -8 C to a high of 6 C.
ice forms over the running water(its a burst mains pipe, making its own path down the lane)
very pretty
also very pretty!!
and Tansy, on 'her' futon. she's sharing with a stuffed dog....


Michael said...

A good year ahead indeed, Claire! Best wishes to you and your loved ones regardless of the number of legs they have!

gfid said...

two thousand and ten blessings in the coming year, gentle lady.

transitionyourlife said...

The Three Tree photo is amazing. May you have a splendid 2010.

Looking forward to more great photos and reading about your adventures.

Alison Dyer said...

You live in a divine setting, Claire. And I wouldn't dare show you pics of my little garden. Neglect? It's a poster child for same.

My excuse? I spend my summers 'around the Bay' tending to my vegetable plots (they probably don't look much better - but I'm learning, trial & error).

And just wondering - how many cats do you own?