Wednesday, July 18, 2007


self sown borage attracting the bees
self sown verbascum olypicum

I wonder how the plants cope with the lack of sunlight, it feels as if it has been so dull for so long I wonder how they keep doing it. there has been no recovery this year from the winter blues. photosynthesis an amazing process, and I quote them saying "if plants could not turn the sun's energy into food, we would all die"


tlchang said...

I've been picking my borage blossoms and drying them for tea. I've read that they are good dried, but not so much fresh. I can now vouch for the good-dried part. Interesting flavor, but very pleasant. And fairly blue! which is somewhat exciting for tea. :-)

clairesgarden said...

TLC, I'll have to try that, I've used them fresh in tea, and love to put them on salad too, I occasionally drop them in a wee gin and they turn a nice pink colour.

Anonymous said...

i have some borage too . . . and next year i hope to have more and more of it!

clairesgarden said...

Becky, borage is a generous self seeder, you will have more of it than you need!!