Sunday, July 22, 2007

lazing on a sunny afternoon

well, sunny patches with threatening rainclouds. . .
I have never noticed before how foxgloves are closed up like parcels befor they open, these four together show the progression
and I love the pattern inside
a paler pink foxglove,
and the patterns again

this is a hosta flower,
and a poppy growing amongst the onions, with peas in the background
it has a funny petal arrangement, probably the result of many bee crosses


Madcap said...

Re your last picture - is that common, that the flower or fruit will be anomalous b/c of a lot of pollinators? We get a lot of wonky strawberries, and I was told it was due to some accident during pollination.

Anonymous said...

i never tire of visiting your beautiful garden blog. Your photos are always outstanding.

clairesgarden said...

Madcap, yes the bees are making flowers all of their own, I am glad to recieve them and rarely weed them out. sometimes I put out seeds of a certain variety and its nice to see them, the next year will bring some similar, some not. I haven't grown strawberries yet but I am sure the same thing happens.
Becky, thankyou, a couple of these photographs are trimmed, but not altered any other way. I do take a lot of pictures and the beauty of digital is that you can pick out the best, delete the rest.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I love digital photography too.
Yesterday I was working in my garden and a butterfly fluttered about all day long!
I wanted to run for my camera, but couldn't stop to do so.
Maybe she will be there again today and I will "snap" her.

David (Snappy) said...

I love the Foxgloves.I was always trying to picture inside the tubular flowers having to sit under the plant.I love the traditional speckled dark and light pinks too.
Hosta flowers can be pretty too, an extra source of pleasure apart from the cool colours of the hostas leaves.

clairesgarden said...

David, my neigbors are often amused by my odd postitions taking photographs!