Monday, July 23, 2007

scottish heritage?

photo taken by Shirley

Ty, an american cat I met on my holiday tour, lounges in his new tartan bed I sent for him. he gracefully (cattily?) consented to share the guest room with me so I thought he deserved a thankyou. there are two tartan mice blending into this picture if you look very closely


peppylady (Dora) said...

How thoughtful to send a Scottish Bed to an American Kitty.
I don't who would rule that bed here Daisy the dog or Ziggy the Kitty.

Kerri said...

That's a lucky kitty. Looks like he likes his new bed all the way from Bonnie Scotland. That was a nice gesture on your part.
How generous of him to share his room with you...that certainly does deserve a reward :)
Ross just read that there's flooding in England. Do you have any there? My goodness, sounds like you're having weather just like ours was last year.
We've had several rainy days lately, with another today. They're much-needed, but it doesn't take us long to miss the sunshine.
The Foxglove are lovely, aren't they?
Thanks for the birthday wishes and kind words :)

Anonymous said...

Ty is a beautiful looking cat, and it was very nice of him to share the guest room with you while you were there. I totally love that tartan bed, it's awesome... and I can see the mice. Too cute. Ty seems to be happy with the set up too. You are a good woman, Claire, so nice to send that to Ty.

clairesgarden said...

Peppylady, the best thing is to get them a bed each, then they will sleep on yours!!
Kerri, we are having wetter weather than usual but not really any serious flooding.
Alice, I was just thinking that Reba might look rather nice in a tartan collar . .

gtr said...

Awww, thank-yous for cats! Very thoughtful of you!! Cut...

clairesgarden said...

Gtr, well I like kittys, sometimes they have lovely owners too.

Anonymous said...

That was sweet of you to send such a nice gift to the kitty!