Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jane's new garden

lots of birdfeeders, I realy like this decorative seed feeder, there is one wee bird in the bottom if you look
attracting lots of birds
more waiting, sparrows look left, chaffinches look down
this corner was an old pond/rockery, grown over with nothing in it. love the paving stones with differet colour stones and plants, very pretty
same corner from a different angle, nice planting with lovely colours


kate said...

I like the paving sones with the plants looking as if they are growing among them. Jane has done a lovely job of revitalising the area. The birds are quite amazing!

clairesgarden said...

Kate, I think its lovely, it was jsut plain and dark before, and I wish I got as many birds to visit here.
horses v kayaks? I remain firmly on the fence between them.

peppylady (Dora) said...

I like her walk way or patio with the square blocks and the flowers.

clairesgarden said...

Peppylady, I agree with you, she has done a lovely job.

Anonymous said...

Love the interplanted area - mine are interplanted with weeds!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!

Kerri said...

Jane has done a nice job with her garden. Neat the way she planted between the pavers.
Great shots of the birds. It's nice to see the different varieties you have over there. House Sparrows are the same though..since they were imported from there to here...pesky, prolific little critters :)
I love the pic of the sparrows looking left, Chaffinches looking down :)