Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I have been looking for a trailer to tow behind my bike. I would like to use it for shopping and 'stuff'. this is the only one I have found, its designed for two children, hence the marvelously colourful hood. I am not convinced its 'up to' the purposes I have in mind for it but will give it a try as it was on sale, a bargain see. apart from building my own(other wise known as convincing somebody I have yet to find they want to build it for me) I have no idea where to get one without spending a fortune.



Anonymous said...

Hi Claire, 5x a good find: looks light weight (good), rain protection (good), highly visible (good), dual purpose (good) -- and those bright colors will certainly, certainly cheer you up on dark cloudy days -- and that too is a good thing, isn't it?!

patsy said...

i don't know anything about trailers but i want to say i loved the photos you posted of the hills.lovely.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear what you've bought it for! Surely not to run kids around the neighbourhood... To transport your kayak like Renata did? To run for groceries?. Mmmm... so curious! LOL

Anonymous said...

Your blog is back -- don't know what happened (do you?) -- but happy to see you and your lovely photos yet again!

Kerri said...

You're going to look very cheery towing this around with your bike :)

clairesgarden said...

Wildside, dotn know what happened to tnhe blog, it seems to have gone on holiday while I was away! its lost have the side bar I see.
Patsy, thankyou, the hills are amazing.
Michael, its for shopping! hopefully, I have a feeling Fiona may steal it for the wee man.
Kerri, its very cheery! its a bit more cheery than I expected!