Thursday, October 19, 2006

blogger problems

the side bar and links seem to have dissapeared. I am going to have a futer with it to see what happens.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, you're going to what?! Haven't heard that one before!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a code word for something nasty... On the other hand I can see all your page, sidebar included. I switched my blog to the 'beta' version and I'm having mixed feelings about having done it. I think it will work out better eventually and seems to load faster for me with my wood-fired internet connection here in the boonies!

Kerri said...

I noticed that when I was here earlier. Seems to be back now except for the blog links...unless you didn't have any before. I don't remember.
Blogger is a mystery sometimes.

Granny said...

Your sidebar and links are fine in Firefox. Are you using Internet Explorer? Sometimes that makes a difference.

You may have something a little too wide in your post which "pushes" the sidebar to the bottom. It happens a lot and it sure happened to me.