Friday, October 13, 2006

on the road

I took these on the way to Lochgoilhead on Tuesday
they are all taken from the same place
the sun and clouds racing over and changing from second to second
the road down I didn't recognise
but I drove back in the moonlight without thinking for a while, and then laughed out loud. I know this road, I've driven it so often, just not for a long time. and I missed it too.


Anonymous said... can almost see William Wallace wandering the hills there!

THAT is Scotland!

Anonymous said...

So nice, Claire! Great shots. Thanks for posting them.

clairesgarden said...

Crunchy Carpets, I think I saw him breifly out of the corner of my eye...he was possibly a bit stunned by the Kathakali troop?
Michael, thakyou, I think Scotland's so nice its the reason I don't travell. People keep telling me I'll love Canada though, so there's a possibility I wont want to come home!!

Anonymous said...

Claire, If you come to Canada, we'll make sure you get home safe and sound (so we'll all have a place to visit in Scotland!).

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. I walked in those hills a bit when I was a little girl, and my dad spent a lot of time chasing around there when he was growing up. Really beautiful.

Anonymous said...

LOL I was thinking about that troop and them being in Scotland just seemed to bizarre...but perfect in a weird sense too!

Canada is beautiful and the mountains and ocean over here on the wet coast do take your breath away.

But man...when taking the train from Glasgow to Inverness...I tell face was plastered to the window trying to suck up every last detail of the literally tugged at my heart...I don't think I realized till then how much being Scottish is part of my identity and soul.

Seeing those hills and moors, was like bathing in warm and soothing was a bizarre feeling and drove my exhausted dh nuts as he was trying to sleep after us being awake for over 24 hours by this time, to be jarred awake by me shrieking 'COWS! RABBITS! DEER!!!' Over and over.

I am sure everyone on the train thought I was totally mental.

And this from a wee lowlander, city girl.

clairesgarden said...

Michael, I am sure Deborah-Ann will put me back on the plane safely. kicking and screaming aside. . .
Madcap, yes its lovely, a lot of people have been telling me Canada is amazing too. if I was rich I could just become a jet-setter, pop over for a kayak and wee cup of tea.
Crunchy Carpets, I love going on the train, you get see loads more stuff that if you're driving. you and I can be the mental ones then, maybe they'd give us a carriage to ourselves?

Kerri said...

What a magnificent drive. The photos have a dreamy quality. So beautiful!
I'm picturing you and Crunchy Carpets in a carriage by yourselves going mental over the scenery, LOL.
I'd so much love to see Scotland. It must be my English blood (on my father's side) that makes me pine for the UK. It all seems so nostalgic :)