Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I travelled to Lochgoilhead yesterday to see this performance.

The Kala Cheena Kathakali Company perform Hima Sundari

Hima Sundari is in the garden thinking about how she was born a princess and is now a servant in her own palace. She is deeply sad with nobody to tell of her tragic life until she meets a Prince while gathering flowers in the Palace garden.

The Price and Hima Sundari

She tells him that her stepmother killed her parents and is trying to kill her. The Prince begs her to leave with him , but afraid of the Queen , she refuses, telling him to forget her. He vows to return to release her from her stepmothers evil domination.

The Evil Queen

The Queen is in the palace reflecting on her good looks when she notices her beauty is fading. She asks the lake"Who is the most beautiful?" "The Princess" is the reply! She vows to kill the princess and calls for her sevant to kill her then bring back her heart as evidence.

The Evil Servant

The young girl is caught by the servant and pleads for her life.

The Evil Servant and Hima Sundari

Realising the Queen is evil he relaeases her then takes the heart of a deer to the Queen. She rewards him with a garland of flowers. The lake continues to tell her that the Princess is the most beautiful so the Queen vows to kill her personally.

Hima Sundari and the Evil Queen in disguise

The Queen, in disguise, enters the forest carrying the venom of a snake. Finding the home where Hima Sundari has found sanctuary she invites her to take a walk but Hima Sundari refuses. Eventually the Queeen tempts her with fruit to come outside. Hima Sundari eats the poisoned fruit and falls to the ground. The Queen changes back into her arrogant character and rejoices.

The Prince searching for his Princess

The Prince is sleeping in his palace thinking of his beloved. Awaking he rellises he has been dreaming and begins to search for the Princess.

After years of searching he sees vultures flying over the lifeless body of the Princess beign cared for by animals. Elephants taking water from the river for her and peacocks spreading their tails to keep her cool.

He covers her with flower petals. Overcome with grief he turns to leave then miraculously the scent of the flowers wakes her up, bringing them together again.

The Prince and Pricess leave together

The Queen and her servant attack the couple, the Prince kills the Queen and is about to kill the servant when the Princess begs for lenicancy. The servant is realeased and they leave to make a new life together.


Anonymous said...

What an exotic evening you had - Snow White in eastern garb. I'm interested in the masks and whether they've got some kind of iconic prototypes.

Michael said...

Hi Claire,

I agree with 'Madcap'. What an interesting evening and how special to see that these stories are so universal around the world. Surely there is a message in that for all of us.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say, Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty? But yes! Snow White, it is! Great job on documenting your evening and sharing it with us!

HORIZON said...

Sounds like you had a good night- Lochgoilhead is not far from where l live (as you know).
Had a good day myself up by Kilmartin- haven't been there in a good while. Climbed Dunadd fort in the rain- was good though and enjoyed the peace.
Bests for now,

The Ramblin Irishman said...

I enjoyed your posting as well and yes, it is nice to see different versions of "Snow White". I am particularly impressed with the pictures you post. Do you take them yourself? What kind of camera do you use?

clairesgarden said...

Madcap, reading from the literature the 3D makeup is called Chutti and is a learned skill. I havent had time to look it up on the net yet though. they did do a wee speel about how stories are the same in a lot of countrys, the scottish version of this is called Silver Tree,Golden Tree.
Michael, you're a good story teller yourself. story telling is a gift for sharing.
Wildside, definatley Snow White, no dwarves though. I really enjoyed it and the dancers and presenter were very approachable and explained everything really well.
Horizon, were you at Kilmartin today in all that rain? or Tuesday when the weather was nicer? Dunadd has so much history. Kathakali are playing at Ardrishaig and Craignish as well.
Ramblin, I did take these pictures and am really pleased with how they turned out, the dancers are brightly lit against a black background and I did not use a flash. the camera is a Canon S2 IS, it has 5 mega pixels and a 10x zoom. I use the zoom a lot and also it has a macro feature for close ups, whuch is great.

Anonymous said...

wow....that was sooo soothing to my ragged after dinner soul...

how beautiful

clairesgarden said...

Crunch Carpets, I loved the show, I loved the dancers and the singers and the drum players.

gtr said...

Yes, impressive pictures!! With flash or without?? Seems like a lovely evening...

clairesgarden said...

Frolic, thankyou, I didn't use the camera flash as I thought it would annoy the dancers and we were in a small village hall. the 'proper ' photographer had a mega-huge camera and he wasn't using his flash so I am just pleased mine were ok too. I really enjoyed it.

Kerri said...

That must've been so much fun! Really fascinating to hear the different version of Snow White and see the wonderful costumes. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.
My PowerShot S410 has only 4 mega pixels and a 3x zoom (which I also use a lot), plus a macro feature. Yours is a better camera. The pics came out so well. No wonder you're pleased with them.