Monday, October 23, 2006

neighbors view

the 'front' garden from a neighbors window yesterday morning. I think considering the time of year its still fairly green, leaves are coming of the tree but it still looks ok. Monday has dawned dreich, so its a fine day to go back into work, I find myself reluctant to go.


Anonymous said...

Looks great!

Anonymous said...

And I see you are still attempting to expand my vocabulary! Hmm: "dreich" -- I'm guessing, but means exactly what?

(Able to comment here today!)

Anonymous said...

"driech"...more words mom and I use that make everyone look at us strangely.

clairesgarden said...

scottish version of yuck/miserable. just short of totally manky which it did ten minutes later!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad someone else asked about that word 'cause now I don't feel so foolish in not knowing. A question: can you cut stawberry runners without it harming the plant or stopping it from producing in the spring? I am trying to keep mine corralled but want a good crop also.

HORIZON said...

I wouldn't mind being your neighbor Claire- always something interesting to look at your garden that is, not saying you're not interesting or anything- oh boy- this is getting me knowhere- is it?)
How on earth did you talk yourself into your neighbors house anyway??
Bests for now,

Stuart said...

'Manky' and 'Driech'? You might need to add a glossary Claire.

Great photo of your front garden. Your neighbourhood looks very orderly.

Jeanette said...

Hi im just blog hopping Come over from Horizons.Nice photo af your house and garden I can see the garden path. I shall return to see more

clairesgarden said...

Ramblin, I think the strawberries will root and fruit from the new runners, Billy left his and now the strawberrys are all round the outside of the patch and the middle is empty, so I would either dirct them into a space while still attached to the parent plant or pot them on and move them somewhere else, I think you have renew the old plants every couple of years and you can use the runners to do this.
Horizon, I actually gave the camera to the neighbor and asked her to take it, they are probably constantly amused by me and the garden so didn't find this an unusuall request. I have some nice neighbors.
Stuart, glossary unecessary, I am used to being misunderstood(2 grotty days back at work after holiday see). the front garden is 'coming on', but will likely never be finished. the neighborhood looks good in the photo, as does the grass, neither bear up to closer inspection!!
Jeanette, thanks for visiting, just having a laugh at your jokes! love your orchids too.

patsy said...

have you not had frost yet ? yes i will keep the rooster and try to raise some fancy chicks next spring.

Anonymous said...

All the picture you post always look so nice and Scottland looks so prefect.
I know their no perfect place in the world but I have one question.
Does anyone in Scottland have trashy places?

Anonymous said...

I had to drag myself out into the garden today also. So much to do, but once I got there I had fun fun fun.

clairesgarden said...

Patsy, no frost at my bit yet, xome of Scotland has had though. glad the pretty rooster gets to stay!
Peppylady, well I live at the good end of a bad street, generally the whole village is thought of as a blot as there is so much violence/drinking/drugs going on. the police are rarely seen so it seems a free for all and I will not walk through the village at night. scotland has more areas are even worse.
Becky, the fresh air always does you good, nice to see your blog back on.

Kerri said...

I like this view Claire. It shows me where the greenhouse is situated, etc. Do you live in the top and the bottom part of the house, or just the bottom flat?
Our weather is dreicher than dreich lately! Rain, cold and wind again today. Definitely not gardening weather!
Love those new words :)

Granny said...

I googled dreich before I read the comments.

"DREICH means dreary, dull or bleak. Maist fowk yaise it tae refer tae the weather: 'It's gey dreich the day!' Ye'll get plentie o opportunity tae yaise DREICH aboot the weather in February"

We're losing an hour of daylight with our return to Standard Time tomorrow.


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