Saturday, March 24, 2007

Smokey goes on the road again

Smokey in his full harness, ready to go out on the road with his gig for the second time, last week.
here's a drivers' eye view taken today on his third road trip, Rosemary driving.
click here to see video


Michael said...

What fun, Claire! We ought to get a cart for our horses.

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Great photos, Claire! Today at an after church social time, I was talking to Wendy, a gal that goes there too. Found out she likes horses too and would love to go riding, so we are going to look for someone who has horses the would like exercised (for free, haha). I've been thinking of putting an ad into one of the local horse magazines "Will exercise your horse(s) for free" or something like that, but was putting it off as I found out the hard way that it's not good to ride alone. Now that I can have someone to ride with I'm going to get busy and see if I can find us some horses to ride. She has ridden, but doesn't have a lot of experience. I've a lot more experience, but don't want to ride a "bronc" anymore with my back. I want a spirited animal, but "bomb proof", haha. I still have my saddles but I won't lend either of them out, so they'll have to have one for Wendy, but not me. That will help. Both mine are set up for my leg length and are hard to change, the easier one to change is the "show" saddle my Dad gave me when I was a kid and has way too much sentiment attached to it for lending it to anyone. :o)

clairesgarden said...

Michael, you should! they're great fun and you can take a friend too.
Alice, its nice to have somebody to ride out with, good luck on finding some horses, people who work full weeks often look for somebody midweek, I take Robbie and Teddy out on my day off mid-week as their owners work and then go up at the weekend, I'm not riding them but still its nice to visit.

Kerri said...

That looks, and sounds like fun Claire. Enjoyed the laughter on the video and the wee bit of Scottish brogue :) Smokey is a handsome fellow.

Rebsie Fairholm said...

That view takes me back a bit! I used to drive a pony and trap occasionally in the early 80s but with rather a strong-willed pony who didn't see why he should have to stop at road junctions. *gulp*. I remember feeling very helpless tugging on those great long reins while the pony just did his own thing and ignored me! At least when you're sitting on 'em you feel a bit more in control!

Sadly I don't think it would be possible to drive around this area any more ... the roads have got so busy and are full of selfish drivers who don't slow down for horses.