Monday, March 26, 2007

fabulous flowers

the Scottish Rock Garden Club, Stirling Show held at Dunblane on 24th March. an incredible display of fabulous flowers as usual, here are some of my favourites.
Erythronium White Beauty
Frittilaria Minuta
Pulsatia Vulgaris, pink form
Pulsatia Halleri Slavica
Bulbicodium Viriditubus
Narcissus Asoanus, I think I must vote this one my favourite of the day.


peppylady (Dora) said...

What cool picture of the beautiful flowers. I bet you had a hard time choosing your favorite. I know I would of.

Are you a member of the Scottish Rock Garden Club? Or any other garden club.
At one time they was a garden club here but it been dismantled.

Kerri said...

I agree about the tiny narcissus. So delicate, and the colour...gorgeous! But they all are. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for the breath of spring.
Did you get your greenhouse all fixed?

clairesgarden said...

Peppylady, I am a member of the Scottish Rock Garden Club, they are a very friendly and helpful lot! always ready with advice and the shows always have the most amazing home baking to have with your cup of tea. thats a shame your local club closed
Kerri, the greenhouse is patched up with plastic, which I dont like at all, but I am not buying anymore glass.

Ms. Kathleen said...

Wow, how absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing.

Have a great day!

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Claire they are all so beautiful, and I am sure that in real life I would have a hard time picking a favorite. Of these photos, though, I agree with you... the wee Narcissus is the best. What a tiny bit of beauty it is.

clairesgarden said...

oh I miss going to the Scottish Rock Garden shows, maybe next year. I had to look this up to get the name of the ''Erythronium White Beauty'' as its just flowered in the garden and that information was nowhere to be found in my head. lol