Friday, March 09, 2007


I am glad I took these when the sun was shining the other day, today is pouring rain and the forecast is for worse all of today. during my week off I have managed to get most of the veggy beds turned over with well composted manure, ready to go when the weather warms up. I usually cover them with plastic or black membrane but due to the warmth there seems to be more creepy crawleys than usual so I am leaving them uncovered to see if the birds will assist with this problem.


Kerri said...

Your close-ups never cease to amaze me Claire. Just beautiful! And oh, those daffs! So cheery with their nodding heads. Your flowers are a bright spot in my day. Thank you!
The weatherman has promised a warm-up, and already today it's much nicer. Yippee!

peppylady said...

All 8 of my white tulips are poking though the ground and in my yellow and purple flower bed. Some of my yellow tulips are peeking though the ground.

My friend quanelle just east of me got some snowdrops in bloom.
If I get a chance I'll take some picture and post them.

HORIZON said...

l agree with Kerri- your close-ups are always spot on. Beautiful pics- all three!
Raining here today too- time to get caught up with ... blogging friends-lol. Yesterday l did the cleaning. I love the colours of the horse and can only imagine where you got the manure from ;)

Imma ( Alice) said...

I too love your closeup shots of flowers, Claire. These ones with the raindrops on them are especially wonderful.