Sunday, March 11, 2007

a poem to share

To Those Who See by Gwen Frostic

To those who see
bare branches-
and know they hold the buds of spring
To those who see
stars falling in the heavens-
and know the constellations will remain forever
To those who see
long lines of geese fade far beyond-
and know they will come back again to nest
To those who see
with wonder in their hearts-
and know- what glories there can be
For those who see. . . .

thankyou for the poem kind friend


Granny said...

That's beautiful. I can't remember if you comment on Merle's (Australia) blog or her on your's but I'm sending her the link.

She loves inspirational poetry. Her blog is a mix of a day to day journal, inspiration, and jokes.

Granny said...

Oops. Should have sent you the link to Merle.

dragonfly183 said...

I love poppies

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

A great poem, Claire. Nice of a friend to send it to you.

Kerri said...

A lovely poem from a kind friend. Thanks for sharing it.
There's so much beauty to see in this wonderful world and we're privileged to be able to see it. Keep your chin up!