Monday, November 27, 2006

on Sunday afternoon

the 'storm' did not appear though we did have some very heavy rain over Saturday night. Sunday afternoon was really nice out, not much to be done in the garden due to sodden conditions. I weeded these pots and replaced some gravel over their tops(this is meant to be an indicator to me not to throw it out as it contains 'something'). They will stay in this cold frame over the winter, there are some early crocus and daffodil bulbs, a couple of early iris reticulata and a couple of pots of shrub cuttings. I will cover the top when the weather gets very cold and wet(brr, even colder and even wetter! yuck!)

I covered my wooden bench to protect it from the wet too, although this means you can't sit on it when its nice enough to be outside. The first winter I used this cover with very strong rope and the wind lifted and pulled the bench right across the back part of the garden, like a big sail I suppose. There is now a padlocked chain attatching one leg of the bench to the fence, and the cover is attached with light string so it will break before lifting it. I swept round my brick paths after tidying the pots so everything looks nice and tidy.


HORIZON said...

We cancelled a trip across the water because of that storm- so where was it? :)
Anyway counting my blessings here- l have still so much to do out front this year.
Your post reminded me of my oldest two when younger- l have a photo somewhere of them using a sheet as a sail- they were on rollerskates and having a great time. Will have to look that photo out.
Bests for now.

Wildside Musing said...

The pebbles over pots in use is a great idea! I've always been tossing out things I would have rather kept!

clairesgarden said...

Horizon, I can just imagine a windy day and the kids on roller skates with a sheet. . .fun!!
Wildside, I am a great one for thinking I'll remember whats where, and without a label I have no idea especially with crocus bulbs and things that don't appear for ages.

grannyfiddler said...

one of the mixed blessings of the frozen north is that all the snow covers everything. so if the garden isn't tidied up by Halloween, it's not a crisis. i won't even remember there's work to be done till i see it all again in April. i do envy you your green. all brilliant (and very cold @ -32C this morning) whites and blues and muted greys here. my geraniums are in the house, still blooming bravely. and i've germinated pasque flowers for next year's garden under lights.

Kerri said...

Everything is looking all neat and tidy. Good for you! We've had some nice mild weather since last Wednesday. What a blessing after all that nasty wet stuff!
Glad you didn't get that storm.
The plants look so pretty with the water drops and winter sun.
That's a handy little cold frame.