Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Broadband/visit to Alyth

well I have just conected to the internet with broadband for the first time, so these photographs are my 'see how it works' upload, four photographs in less time than it usually takes for one!

I went to my Dad's house in Alyth on Friday night. This is the view from the front of the house.
He has his flagpole out front, a Northumbrian flag for himself, a Saltire for Rosie and I visiting, and a St george for my sister, due to arrive.
Close up of a hand painted fruit bowl.
And Obbie, she is 12 now.


Wildside Musing said...

What a nice view and cat (& other photos too)! Can you explain the significance of the flags?
And broadband -- your upgrade -- or borrowing someone elses?

Our computer hookup is so slow some days we do consider an upgrade... But still are holding out! Good to hear it is fast as they say!

Michael said...

Living as I do out in the countryside, broadband is only a distant dream. Some days we seem to be working on coal-fired dial-up which is slower than the dog teams used in olden times!
Your Dad sounds fun! I love his flag welcome.

Imma (a.k.a. ... Alice) said...

I love all your pictures.

What a great view from your Dad's place. Interestingly very similar to the part of the world where I live.

I love the way your Dad flies a flag for each of you. That is so cool. What a great way of honoring everyone.

Gorgeous bowl, great paint job. Beautiful cat. My cat is 15 1/2 and still a going concern.

clairesgarden said...

Wildside, broadband installed at home, at the same price, I just had to promise to stay a customer for 12 months. My Dad puts the flags out to show he has visitors, I told him his neigbors probably thought he was mad, he agreed!!
Michael, the speed of dial up was getting slower and slower, I suppose as more people go on line.
Alice, they do have a great view, its amazing in the summer.

HORIZON said...

Glad your now on broadband Claire- makes a world of difference.
Your Dad sounds like lots of fun-lol- love the flagpole and his cat too. :)

UKBob said...

Broadband is much better isn't it. I got it a year ago when we moved here, could never get it at the farm. Not sure what I would do if I had to move back to somewhere they don't have it!

Kerri said...

Oh yes, the high speed is a real treat after dial-up. We're loving our DSL. Can't get Broadband here in the country.
I love the stone walls and the views, flagpole and especially the photo of Obbie. She's a lovely one :)

Oceanswell said...
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clairesgarden said...

Oceanswell, I see you took your message out but it was ok, and the pals thing? possibly! and Tom is a kayaker too.
and I realise gardening is not everybodys cup of tea.