Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nandina domestica

this 'Heavenly Bamboo' has come from an established garden, round a caravan which has been given up. its nice to have the 'instant' effect a mature plant can give.
lovely colour of leaves and is meant to do the same in spring with new ed leaves turning to green in the summer and back to this red in autumn. It may not keep its leaves all winter as my garden is not sheltered enough. It is hardy and hopefully it will suvive being moved.
this is lovely crumbly leaf mould from last years leaves, not totally broken down yet but I am using it anyway.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. (I can see you've been busy offline!)

Anonymous said...

Check out Douglas Wilcox's blog if you haven't already. He's a fellow Scot and a paddler.

Anonymous said...

I have some bamboo in my garden too. I'll show it to you someday.
Your bamboo seems to be doing great.

Anonymous said...

i love nadina

clairesgarden said...

Wildside, just glad to still be able to get some gardening done!!
Michael, have got it in my links somewhere, wherever my links are hiding, think I know him but would need a photo to be sure, lots of people on the water only have first names see.
Becky, its not actually a bamboo, I think I'd like to have a bamboo in a apot , I'm scared it will take over.
Dragonfly, the colours of the leaves are amazing, they are starting to drop now.