Sunday, June 11, 2006


this is the life! out on beautiful Loch Sween, we paddled about 12 miles, mostly sheltered from the wind by its nooks and crannys. we saw an osprey flying out from its nest, unfortunatley no photo as my camera is kept securely in a dry bag inside the boat. this photograph was taken on the lunch stop, there were 23 people on this trip and 60 at the weekend in total,( three other groups away doing harder more macho things.) thats the most kayaks I have ever seen in one place at one time! I loved this little boat with its flags and cd's, unfortunatley the photgraph does not show how they were flashing as they moved in the wind. very jolly.
an old jetty, it's probably been left to disintegrate as there is a shiny new concrete effort at the end of the village. I might try to lighten this photograph up with an effects program, its not something I ususally do but this looks a bit dull.
thats my holiday over then. I came home today and cut the grass, and thanked Billy for looking after the greenhouse, the garden managed itself and the cats are a bitt huffy from being abandoned for two days( three bowls of water, four bowls of food and a full cat litter! not good enough according to them!!)


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures Claire. I happened upon your blog by chance. What a wonderful place you live in you blessed girl, you!

And lol at the pussy-cats! I have a large meowly growly who is never happy with anything I do for her and is always 'not-impressed'.

I also have raging aquilegia in my garden (hope I have spelt that right) which is good really as I have a habit of accidentally killing the plants. Doh!

Blessings to you and your puddy-tats :o)

Michael said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures Claire! BTW have you been looking in on Wendy Killoran's paddle around Newfoundland? Now there's a macho paddler if ever there was one! I must say Scotland looks like a fun paddling spot as well. Maybe I should be saving a very pennies up for a visit some day. This year I will visit Newfoundland in August for my first look and maybe even a paddle.

patsy said...

look like you had a holiday.

Granny said...

Nothing is ever good enough for the kitties. It's always "what have you done for me lately"

You're the artist but I'd leave that dock alone. It looks like what it is.

Love the pics.

patsy said...

june bugs are about the size of the end of my thumb, wont bite or sting.

Wildside Musing said...

Welcome back, Claire! I've had trouble posting and commenting with blogger today, so hopefully this one will take.

Glad to see you had a wonderful time -- missed you in blogosphere for a few days, but real fun in the real world is where it's at! Well done!

clairesgarden said...

Mrs Blythe, thankyou for visiting, Scotland has amazing places. the aquilegia is welcomed because it self-seeds and needs no help, the cats are over their huff now.
Michael, I have just checked out Wendys link from your blog and it looks fab, hope you enjoy Newfoundland and your welcome to visit, you can borrow a kayak here as they disaprove of them as handluggage so I understand!!
Patsy, I had a very relaxing weekend holiday, no June bugs but lots of scottish midges.
Wildside, blogger was funny just before I went away too, thanks for persisting, its nice to hear from you. it was good to paddle in different company, there were a couple of old friends there too. and I love the whole tent thing,and cooking on the meths stove.

grannyfiddler said...

welcome home, wayfaring echinacea lassie! what an adventure! and, i've come to the conclusion that cats pout less if you don't make a big fuss over them when they're grumpy. i miss my kitties. i'm horribly allergic now, so have no pets anymore.

Naturegirl said...

Kayaking is something my natureboy would like to take up with me.We have a friend
who encourages us to use one of her kayaks to try it out..perhaps this summer.I love the last photo it beckons to tell a story or perhaps a poem.

clairesgarden said...

Grannyfiddler, I am glad to be back, the cats are ok now. sorry you're allergic now, I would miss mine.
Naturegirl, kayaking is a great pastime. I think its a shame the old docks are left to rot, they should take them apart when they built the new one.

Lowa said...

Was out of town and am just catching up on your news now. Looks like a wonderful time you had!

Good to hear your kitties are done with their pout now. At least you know they love you!!!

Kerri said...

Kitties need their cuddles and miss their 'people' when they're gone, but they're easily pacified once they've been loved a little:)We have 2 litters of kittens (and one more hidden actually..hope she brings them out before long so we can tame them). Zoey (the cuddly black & white cat with extra toes) had 3, and Isabell (calico) had 4 (2 of them have extra toes). There are 5 calicos, one orange and one black & white. I'll be posting pics of them soon!
Glad you had a bit of a holiday. Sounds like a wonderful time and your pictures are beautiful. I especially love the one of the kayaks.