Wednesday, January 24, 2007

walking to work

on Monday norning it was such a gorgeous day that I felt I had to 'do' something, as I had to go to work for the afternoon I decided to walk there, along the old railway line I use to cycle to work during the summer. a wee sprinkling of snow on the hills.
much like when you drive,the pace of cycling blinds you to the things you notice at a slower pace, this stone bench has 'Gartshores Rest' carved into it. and I've been past it countless times before and never noticed! its a curious thing because Gartshore is at least another four or six miles away.


DJ TETRO said...

It was interesting to read your blog about the GARTSHORE inscription in the photo. Being of the Gartshores of Gartshore myself i wondered where this was you noticed the bench ?

Lowa said...


I so enjoy your photos, please don't ever stop sharing them. There is not much of interest around here to show and so much beauty where you live.

This has prompted me to get my act together and finally post some photos from our trip up into Canada a few weekends ago for Jock's hockey tourney. Now THOSE are some photos to enjoy. Hope I can get to it today.

Kerri said...

Glad you had some nice weather to prompt your walk. I love all your pictures.
Perhaps that's where the Gartshores stopped to rest on their way to the village and back in olden times.
Lucky you to have snowdrops. They look pretty among the coloured pebbles.
That's a beautiful area for a walk (near Kilmartin). The wee coo is a pretty colour :) Great picture of the hawk! I like your robins. Ours are different, of course.

clairesgarden said...

DJ, this bench is on the walkway which has been made from an old railway line, its called the 'Strathblane to Moodiesburn' and this bench is near to Milton of Campsie, between Kirkintilloch and Milton of Campsie, you might need quite a high scale map to see the walkway on it. its too early in teh day for grid references but if you request it I'll look it up.
Lowa, look forward to Canada, i am hoping to visit near Nelson in May. I am told it is fabulous and I wont want to come home.
Kerri, I love the old fashioned red and blue cows, quite small creatures compared with modern dairy and beef breeds. I love snowdrops, they were already out in places in Kilmartin, mostly sheltered under hedges.

Lowa said...

Claire, watch my blog for some photos of BC soon. We were just in a small town about 45 minutes from Nelson a few weekends ago. I hope to finally blog about it soon. It was GORGEOUS! I am sure you will love it, and I certainly did not want to come back here. Be anxious to know what you think of it once you are there and then get back home. I have an Aunt and Uncle who live there, I really need to get up to see them. Couldn't see them when we were so close, cause of Jock's hockey tournament and bad planning. So the pics I post should give you a taste of what you will see, minus snow:) LOL

Granny said...

I too enjoy your pictures so much. You should patent them as a stress reliever.

clairesgarden said...

Granny, thankyou so much, I feel grateful there are such nice places to see in such a short distance from where I live.

Adam said...

I often go walking along the 'old railway' walkway between Moodiesburn and Kirkinitilloch, in fact, i will be taking some photos for my own blog soon so watch that space :) I have always just walked to Kirkintilloch and back as i never knew where or whether the walkway continued, i'll try to find that sometime. Your blog is great.

clairesgarden said...

Adam, there is a 'section' missing throught the centre of Kirkintilloch, if you rejoin it down by the MacDonalds Fast Food it continues to Strahbland, just at the moment there is another bit blocked of by work on the new roundabout at the old lennox hospital entrance but you can walk the road round that part and rejoin it near Clachan of Campsie. thanks for visiting and I look forward to photos of your side of things!