Tuesday, January 30, 2007


does the saying 'a watched pot never boils' translate into a watched bud never flowers' ? the oriental hellebores are starting to bud, this one opens to a small pink flower
this one has larger pink flowers with dark markings
this one has dark purple flowers with bright yellow stamens
this lovely crumbly compost is from the back of the manure pile at the farm, I anticipate it will grow marvellous weeeds in amongst the vegetables.


dragonfly183 said...

You know if i pulled back the leaves away from my hellebore i would probably find buds on it too. I just haven't done it yet.

Favorite Apron said...

What lovely photos on your blog. The closest I have come to Scotland is a brother-in-law who hails from Aberdeen, but it's in my blood.

peppylady said...

Nothing like that around here now.

clairesgarden said...

Dragonfly, I am just too impatient, I have to look and see!
Favourite Apron, thankyou for visiting, Aberdeen is a bit further north than here, much colder!
Peppylady,I just long for the growing season, these flowers are early and not long lasting , but sooo welcome!

Kerri said...

Lovely promises of things to come. Are these outside, or in your greenhouse? I definitely want to get at least one.I love the colors of yours.
I brought my fuchsia inside and put it upstairs to winter over...and it's blooming! I've always thrown them away before but this past summer's plant stayed very healthy and I couldn't bear to let the frost get it. I wonder if it will do well in the summer. What do you think?

Glickster said...

For more about Hellebores:


clairesgarden said...

Glickster, thanks for visiting and the link, the hellebore in all its forms is quite beautiful.