Saturday, January 27, 2007

the view

this is the view from the stables where Teddy and Robbie stay, near Slammanan, looking towards the Ochils. photograph taken late Wednesday afternoon on the most zoom the camera will do.


rosemary said...

Wow, great view of the Ochils. They're not that snowy from this side!

peppylady said...

your mountain are covered with snow just like ours.

Kerri said...

It's amazing to see the mountains so snowy while the fields have no snow at all.
What a beautiful view.
We still have plenty of snow but the temps were a bit warmer today (30ºF/-1ºC). We froze for a few days before that!

CJ said...

Ooooh, lovely, looks so inviting! Your pictures are great and you never forget your zoom...;)

dragonfly183 said...

very lovely.

clairesgarden said...

Rosemary, photo taken on Wednesday, they weren't like that yesterday.
Peppylady, the snow has been rained off now and they are quite bare. its raining now so I suppose it'll stay that way.
Kerri, thats quite typical here, I suppose the fields just aren't high enough, its nice to look at but not to drive through.
CJ, luckily the zoom is firmly incorporated in the camera! or I would forget it, things keep moving themselves in my house, dunno why.
Dragonfly, it makes for a nice view, I can't see those hills from where I live and theres no snow on the ones here.

Imma ( Alice) said...

Well, aren't those lucky horses to have such a wonderful view. I'm glad you got this pic before the rain took the snow away.

Imma Liking It

UKBob said...

Hi Claire, I used to like walking the Ochils, have you ever walked up Dollar Glen to the castle? We often used to walk up the narrow path throgh the gorge to the castle and then back down the road, it was lovely on a summers evening.