Wednesday, December 20, 2006

christmas tree

I just picked up the tree yesterday, forgetting I had thrown away the old lights at the end of last year. Rosie said its more ecological not to waste elecricity on lights anyway! oh well, I'll get a bit more tinsel and make do. there's still more decorations to put up.


Rhea said...

Don't worry. It'll look fine. Happy holidays!

peppylady said...

One year my Father in law never put any ornaments on his tree and I thought it was always one of his best.

Is your tree a Douglas fir.

I agree with Rhea it looks "fine"

Michael said...

Good for you Claire, getting your tree up already! Ours awaits us on the porch outside the door. Perhaps tomorrow it will finally get put up. As for lights, my daughter insists we have them... I agree with Rosie, that they aren't necessary. Certainly the pagans never had them, did they? LOL

Imma (a.k.a. ... Alice) said...

Isn't it funny how, looking at a picture of a Christmas tree, it could be in any home in the world... you can't tell. When we see pictures of houses we can sometimes say "oh, that's probably in ____" and such like that, but a Christmas tree in a living room, well you can't tell from the photo what country it's in. We are all alike, regardless of color, race, religion, etc etc... we're all God's beauty and joy.

Enjoy your tree, with or without lights!! (though I prefer with, lol). I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas!!! and the best of everything in 2007!!

Fiona said...

Sure you are better without the lights.... much safer for the cats whilst they are playing with the decorations!

clairesgarden said...

Rhea, thankyou! am on holiday from tomorrow for two weeks, that'll make me happy!
Peppylady, the natural look sounds good to me. I'm not sure what kind this tree is, and now I've looked for the label I took off I cant find it! its nice a thick and smells really piney, one of the things I love about a real tree.
Michael, I suppose I just always got used to the lights, and I do quite like it without. I thought I was quite late getting my tree, someof my friends have had theirs up for a couple of weeks
Alice, I think you're right. and thankyou for your kind wishes.
Fiona, sure I was concerned about Tansy's teeth.

HORIZON said...

Love the new tree Claire- l found that with getting our big tree l did not have enough lights so got wee Sam to add some paper chains-lol
Tinsel always works :)
Going to post on your meme
Keep warm.

clairesgarden said...

Horizon, look forward to the five things! happy tree decorating!