Wednesday, December 06, 2006

cats and seats

I have replace two large overbearing and worn out sofas with two of these comfortable chairs. There is a quite obvious cat shaped dimple in the middle of this one but they are refusing to be caught on camera. A chair for each cat you see, I will just have to sit at the table(which I have yet to find) and decorate my dolls houses(this is the plan).
butter will not melt.


UKBob said...

Oh you have doll houses do you, my mum does them. There is a dolls house shop at the garden centre just down the road and she loves to go there when they visit. Thankfully its at the garden centre so at least me and my dad have something to do while she spends loads of time in the dolls house shop.

patsy said...

how do you have flowers blooming out side this time of year or are they in a green house?

annadams95340 said...

Amazing how cats know exactly who is the boss.

clairesgarden said...

Bob, I made a large dolls house on a craft holiday last year, and it is still waiting to be decorated.
Patsy, there are only a few flowers outside in the garden, We have a hard frost this morning so I doubt many are left.
Ann, the cats are totally aware they are the ones in charge!!

小貓咪 said...