Thursday, March 12, 2020

my seed trays review

 multipack of four each of green base, black compartment and clear lid... £3.99 from Lidl, good value but rather annoyed to find the black seed tray does not have drainage holes so I have had to poke them through with a pair of scissors, I prefer to water into the base and have the seed tray draw it up.
 it all fits together quite nicely. cheapy type flimsy plastic though, it should do a couple of years but not too long lasting I imagine.
 the smaller trays are designed ( I think) to be used on a window sill, there is a long base, three little seed trays each with a lid with opening. It cost £4.99 from Home Bargains.
 good quality sturdy plastic, should have a good few years of use from them.
realised I had no plant labels so I cut up  a plastic container, think it had veg or something in it from the supermarket, is ok to write on with felt tip, not good with pen or pencil.


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