Friday, March 27, 2020

recycling and reusing in the greenhouse

reorganised the greenhouse  so its tidy.. ish.. seeds sown last weekend -  Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Chives Middleman and Perpetual Spinach, Wildside Pepper Mix Anaheim/Jalpeno, Pepper Largo de Reus Pairal, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Mint Pennyroyal, Coriander Green Aroma..   
 Lettuce and baby leaves are showing, leeks and onions are just starting to be seen. Tomatoes in the house are not showing yet.
Casper is not a gardening cat. Lol.I offered a new bed for him, but he didn't seem to be too impressed.
There's a  good mix and match of trays being old( and very brittle !), new ones  and rescued/re-used ones from a friend planting out her shop bought primroses. The primrose trays also had a plastic carry handle which I have cut up and used for some plant lables for today, also using sticks from Ice Creams and consider that a good reason to eat more.
I've had a bit of bother trying to get onto blogger , not sure why. hey ho. 


WILDSIDE said...

Ah, Casper! I think I understand. Unlike, the former "Bobbalou" (girl cat) who appreciated every single flower we had grown and had endless patience in hearing all about my upcoming plans, my current kitty is no gardening cat either -- except for the mint patch that he oddly adores and wildly unkept tall grass & daisies where he likes every summer season to play lion king and clearly lets me know that he misses it so in all other seasons. He keeps inviting me out to hunt with him... For some reason, he thinks we'd make a good team.

He is good company...

WILDSIDE said...

Wee hour with kitty company at my feet & back to visit with you.

Good job, Claire -- your greenhouse is so amazingly orderly!

Here there be chaos everywhere -- hope to rectify that one day; but know it won't be today!

clairesgarden said...

middle of the day here, very cold wind, have laundry out but no gardening. x

WILDSIDE said...
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