Saturday, March 07, 2020

little by little

 The twisted hazel is difficult to get under and into. One branch was really getting to the greenhouse so I've reluctantly taken it off... its a crazy thing to prune back so I just went as close to the base as I could, with a saw.
There is another branch reaching the same way, but I'll leave it for now. Also took height off the hedge from behind the greenhouse, little by little , and maybe in a year or so it will believe its a hedge again and not Trees.... eeeeek.

I've had a long weekend off work and intended to start some seed planting. Lost impetus..... mostly due to weather and temperature swings from 9c to -2c with a bitter wind.
here's the list of seeds, note some in here gifted from a friend some time ago. 

 Vegetables . 
·                     Aubergine, De Barbentane, Grow More Veg
·                     Beetroot, F1, Boldor, Suttons
·                     Broad Bean, Express Eleanora, Grow More Veg
·                     Broccoli, joint pack of Red Arrow and Rudolph, Suttons
·                     Cabbage, F1, Wintersweet, Suttons
·                     Carrot, baby type,  Ideal, Suttons
·                     Cauliflower, Romanesco Green and White, Suttons
·                     Celery, Giant Red, Suttons
·                     Chives,  Middleman, Lidl (Gartenland)
·                     Courgette, F1, Golden Griller, Suttons
·                     Cucumber ,Armenian, from Wildside home collected in 2015
·                     Greens, F1, Mustard Spinach,  Suttons
·                     Greens, Bright and Spicy Baby Leaf Mix, Grow More Veg
·                     Greens,  Lettuce Mix red/green salad bowl (looseleaf), Grow More Veg
·                     Greens, Leaf Beet, Perpetual Spinach, Grow More Veg
·                     Greens, Spinach Giant Winter, Grow More Veg
·                     Leek, Blue Solaise,
·                     Pea, Sugar Snap Deliket, Grow More Veg
·                     Pea, Kelvedon Wonder, Grow More Veg
·                     Pea, Aparagus (not actually a pea though, lol), Grow More Veg
·                     Pepper Mix Anaheim and Jalepeno, from Wildside... note these home collected in 2015
·                     Pepper, Chilli Zimbabwe Black, Suttons
·                     Pepper, Largo de Reus Pairal, Grow More Veg
·                     Pumpkin, F1, Hooligan, Grow More Veg
·                     Tomato, Constoluto Genovese, from Wildside home collected in 2015
·                     Turnip, Milan Purple Top, Just Seed
·                     Turnip, F1, Sweetbell, Suttons

Herb Seeds

·                     Coriander, Green Aroma , Grow More Veg
·             Mint, Pennyroyal, Grow More Veg
·                     Parsley, Bravour , Grow More Veg
·                     Rosemary, Grow More Veg
·                     Sage, naturally nurtured seed , Grow More Veg
·                     Thyme, Large, Grow More Veg

Flower Seeds
·                     Cosmos, Bipinnatus, Lidl (Gartenland)
·                     Poppy Seeds, Backrow Farm, collected 2019


WILDSIDE said...

Claire, I hope all the seeds work out for you. You look like you have a great list going there and I can imagine your garden abundantly growing. I'm a tad green with envy! (just kidding, LOL?)

My Genovese are beginning to come up in a windowsill. Such tiny, tiny things that it is hard to believe they will amount to much, but I hope they do! I want to save their seed yet again as I am no longer buying specialty seeds mail order... So I need to see what I can do! I have a lot of self-saved seeds and at times I just toss most all what I've saved to the chickens and then regret it later. Some moments I am overwhelmingly positive, others very pessimistic. Finding and staying at an even keel proves difficult, but I keep trying, and from past experience and kind eye, I know that a garden can succeed beyond its wildest dreams. That is what I see for you.

clairesgarden said...

seeds can store for years and still be viable. before the ''move away'' I had seeds I had kept for 15 years or more maybe? and too many seeds to use, and I still bought more. I should try to stick to things I know will grow well here and know I like. and not go and buy twenty different kinds of tomatoes... lol.. I've made a start, anyway - new post. ..

WILDSIDE said...

Our contorted hazelnut reverted back to straight up form after trimming back. But OK by us (me). I miss the contorted bits but find this new growth easier to deal with (and use cuttings for other garden activities) especially as its final location was to replace a japanese maple that toppled over in one of our heavy snows and is located right up close next to the house...

clairesgarden said...

I didn't know it would grow straight after being pruned, there are still plenty of large twisty branches, I will keep an eye on it and hopefully not allow the straight bits to take over .