Sunday, September 20, 2020


sedum, rescued from the undergrowth in the long border
just starting to show pink or red flowers, it didn't need to be in the greenhouse but that's where it ended up.... lol
taking photos and I spot and actual cucumber, the first and possibly only this year.
todays salad then, is three ripe cherry tomatoes and a cucumber, the other tomatoes will have to sit on the windowsill to ripen as their plant has given up.
bulbs purchased at the grocery store, should be nice and cheery in the spring, just need to find a couple of pots for them

the sugarsnap pea has thrown out some more flowers so hopefully get a few  more bites to eat  in the next week or so, before the season is over altogether. 

 I didn't plant a big lot out in the garden, theres pickings for a few more meals , some broccoli still to come and still picking a few sugarsnap peas and broad beans. very surprisingly the courgette and pumpkin never did anything, somewhat eaten by things, but they really didn't grow. I have some idea in my head that the tenants may have used weedkiller, though this would be two years ago, maybe its lurking in the soil causing it to not be good for growing... a lot of things did a kind of half dying then recovering, then took ages to put on growth so something is not quite right. The weather has been up and down wildly in temperature too, so that may have set things back and caused uneven growth.
I deliberatley planted a little bit of each thing, not wanting to be overwhelmed and put myself off the responsibility of growing a lot of food. It was nice , early on, to be pottering in the greenhouse even though outside wasn't good weather. I did mean to sow several things sucesionally to keep the eating season going longer,  but whenever I made plans it would be vile weather or I was too tired from work.


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