Sunday, September 27, 2020

last Sunday in September

a little late, aubergines just starting to grow now.. its too cold and the green house will be emptied  in a month...
there was a frost this morning, and by the time I was up and out to the car it said 4C. the leaves are turning on the tree and starting to fall.
I halved some apples and put them on the grass.. the birds peck away at them, leaving little empty skins.
in the grass
and colours again. 

I've some nice fat tomatoes to eat, some cherry's too. several fat tomatoes still on the vines in the greenhouse, and a few bunches of cherrys.. still very green. there may be another cucumber by next weekend if it would stay warm enough for them to grow a bit. beans are pulled out, peas might have a bit of life in them, the broccoli is recovering a bit from the caterpiller onslaught now that the cold has taken them away to hibernate. some onions , beetroot and leeks still to pick, but they are fine in the ground for just now. a nice harvest to have re-started with, hopefully get more in next year. some years in the past I did have more than could be used in the moment , so I would freeze some, nice to have something you've grown to eat when all the garden is empty.

the shed got a second coat of protective paint, its about 15 years old I think, so hopefully that'll keep it going for another few years, it needs a couple of patches covered to stop rain getting in when the wind blows. the greenhouse still needs to have something done with it.. but who knows what or when or how, no glaziers to cut glass to the right size, and plastic is expensive. well, maybe next year. I managed with what I had available and that was ok.


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WILDSIDE said...

Hello, Claire, It is so lovely to see what you have done & will do with what you have...

Our peppers grown from self-saved seed (red) remain green as our short Summer garden season is wrapping up, but perhaps we can ripen them a little further by bringing them indoors... Today we will make a tomato curry with much of the remaining ripened Genovese tomatoes... Looking forward to dinner! And making a point to be saving seed and freezing whatever leftovers, of course. I doubt there will be leftovers!

As always, take good care there...