Tuesday, September 01, 2020

end of august

 not the clearest photo , but I've eaten it now so can't retake it.... and I've saved some seeds from this one. 
plenty of green ones waiting to ripen in the greenhouse but I think things are being held back by the low temperatures, not enough sun to heat the greeenhouse, and outside is cold and wet. things are still growing, eating sugar snap peas and broad beans.


WILDSIDE said...

Hi again, Claire. Nice to see your update. The best tomato is an eaten one; tho' I do like seeing them out there as "jewels"/promises on the vine! Lots of my tomatoes are still green too; I need to hold off on pulling things up as still a month or so of chance to get ripe, especially as we are going to get another bout of warm weather this week... Right now we are finally getting little harvests of cucumbers, green beans and tomatoes, but I seem to be losing patience with the whole idea of gardening as I grow older, instead of gaining it as one would think... I hope you have much good luck with your saved seeds in future gardens as I have had this year.

clairesgarden said...

I'm happy to garden, but have been too tired recently to do much. thankfully the jobs 'still to do' are not annoying me.