Wednesday, May 25, 2011

weather woes

its been so windy and wet all week, I've had to get somebody else to cut the grass as it was getting so long, and overgrown, and wet!! I took pity on this lovely peony and brought it inside where at least I can appreciate it, it seems that every time it flowers its an ivitation for the worst ever weather to come and blow all its petals off. My lovely acacia lost all its flowers in one afternoon. I am seriously considering getting black weed cover for the remaining three veggy beds and leaving them covered till next year.


gfid said...

b-zing!! what a beauty! i'm spending a few days in paradise on canada's west coast . will post pictures when i get home.

clairesgarden said...

GF,hope you're having a good time and some good weather!!

HORIZON said...

I empathise with you about the weather and our plants- my lilac hardly had much time to bloom and everything else seems to be taking a beating and after such a wonderful early spring!!
Our grass got cut yesterday and it was getting desperately high too. My husband ran out when he had the first opportunity to cut it- we still need to rake it up though. bests