Sunday, May 08, 2011

sunshine and showers

the sycamore leaves are bright in the sun and there have been heavy showers of rain today. I wasn't planning much gardening but have been out and planted out most of the onion seedlings from the greenhouse, and sowed Carrot Flakke and Carrot Autumn King 2 straight into the soil. I haven't got any fleece to cover them so must get some as the cats will be in there as soon as they can!

a vision of future salad! onions, tomatoes and lettuce!! the onions and the beetroot need planting out, perhaps I should brave the showers and get this done today. I drew out a rough plan from memory of what was where last year so hopefully this years plan will move things on and not plant in the same place. my garden is actually so small that I wonder if rotation really does any good? sometimes it means things are only three feet away from where they were last year.

I think Daisy is watching a wee bird up in the holly, she sat there for quite a while. Abbey was moved to a new farm yesterday a friend very kindly used her big jeep and horse trailer to move her. All the horses there are nice and there wasn't too much of a to-do when she was introduced. I went over to see her today and she is super-spooky, difficult to get in the gate and not able to stand still to have her feet done. I just put her back out again and hope she will calm down as time goes on.


Food Forestry said...

Daisy looks like she's enjoying being out in the sun. Nice looking tomatoes!

HORIZON said...

You seem so organised with the garden- l just planted some directly outside and thank God the weather was good because they're ok-my head is all over the place this spring. i also have seeds inside too.
Lovely pic of Daisy- look at that thick coat!! She must have been roasting last month.
Will go to read next post above to see how Abbey's doing- hope she settled down.
I'm fed up with all this rain now- want the sunshine to come back. Hope you are keeping well Claire.

clairesgarden said...

RR, Daisy likes a good baking in the sun, she will lie in the greenhouse even on the hottest days! those tomatoes have been nurtured and coseted in the house, then repotted and left in the greenhouse to fend for themselves!
Horizon, I dunno if it looks organised from this living room has an 'array' of seed packets as ornaments at the moment, and I rush out and do a wee bit here and a wee bit there in-between showers, I hope to get the rest of the seeds in before the end of May.