Friday, February 18, 2011

I am an Urban Homesteader

my little homestead veggy plot
I am an Urban Homesteader. I grow vegetables organically, I have reduced my living style, I recycle all the waste I am able to. Unfortunatly I cannot do without a car so I cannot claim to be saving the planet as much as I would like to.

apparently this phrase 'urban homesteader' has been trademarked by a homegrowing veggy 'business' run by the Dervaes family.

I would have to ask them 'really? why?' and ask why they are having blogs using this term closed down?

the world needs everybody to grow their own food, even a little helps. Even the knowlege of how to grow vegetables is an essential thing to have.

This blogger puts it across very well, so I link to her..


WILDSIDE said...

Hi Claire, it seems over the past decade eveything is being trademarked & I too wonder at the craziness of it all... Everything seems to be about the $$$...

Oh, well!

Relax and accept?

Food Forestry said...

Hi Claire -

Sooner or later the whole overgrown "system" will falter under it's own weight and we'll all be returning to smaller, simpler, local systems again. Prepare and Persevere.

clairesgarden said...

Wildside, I am very relaxed here at my urban homestead!! livestock of three cats.....non edible!!!
RR, I am practicing persevering.

Bridget said...

I too am dissappointed to hear of this action by the Dervaes family. They used to be on my blogroll, alas, no more.

clairesgarden said...

Briget, although I had not visited their site for a long time I am dissapointed as they used to post a lot of encouraging information. to help people get started off.

HORIZON said...

Good for you Claire. I wish l could grow more veg. Pic is wonderful too :)